OSFP ( Offensive Security Fighter Professional)


Offensive Security Fighter Training is a security class with real world hands on experience, it is the only in-depth Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing Training that covers testing in all modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments.

The program offers you a holistic security assessment methodology that goes beyond conventional attack vectors such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, DoS, etc. It equips professionals with necessary knowledge, tools, tricks and templates to successfully plan and execute a pen testing engagement. The program not only enables you to discover and exploit vulnerabilities but also demonstrate how to write Proof-of-Concepts and use post exploitation to prove your argument. It’s an advanced pen testing world where you are encouraged to explore and probably the only one where curiosity does not kill but empowers.

This certification adds value to the Information Security Professionals by giving them a practically oriented approach to the penetration testing. A successful completion of this Certification makes you eligible to appear for the most coveted and advanced certification for security professionals, Offensive Security Fighter  Certification.

Learning Part-1

Chapter 1 – Securing Operating Systems
Chapter 2 – Protecting Systems Using Antiviruses
Chapter 3 Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Chapter 4: Data Encryption
Chapter 5: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 6: Internet Security
Chapter 7: Securing Network Connections
Chapter 8: Securing Online Transactions
Chapter 9: Securing Email Communications
Chapter 10:Social Engineering and Identity Theft
Chapter 11:Security on Social Networking Sites
Chapter 12:Information Security and Legal Compliance
Chapter 13: Securing Mobile Devices
Chapter 14: Windows Hacking Command & Batch Programs
Chapter 15: Basic HTML Programs

Learning Part-2

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Networking
Chapter 3 Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Chapter 4: Advance Google Hacking
Chapter 5: Scanning
Chapter 6: Windows Hacking
Chapter 7: Password Hacking
Chapter 8: Malwares
Chapter 9: SQL Injection
Chapter 10: Cross Site Scripting
Chapter 11: Social Engineering
Chapter 12: Denial of Service
Chapter 13: Cryptography & Steganography
Chapter 14: Firewalls & Honeypots
Chapter 15: Email Secure From Hacking
Chapter 16:Firewalls & Honeypots
Chapter 17: Reverse Engineering
Chapter 18: Physical Security
Chapter 19: Arch & Kali Linux Install
Chapter 20: Android Os Install
Chapter 21: Create Android App For Password Hacking
Chapter 22: Windows Command And Batch Program For Hacking
Chapter 23: GHOST
Chapter 24: Create Payload For –
Android, Iphone, Mac, Window, Linux and Server
Chapter 25: Bypass Antivirus Security
Chapter 26: Wifi Hacking – Discnary & brute force Attack
Chapter 27:Fluxion
Chapter 28: Bettercap

Learning Part-3
Chapter 29 – Generate password list
Chapter 30 – Hack router password
Chapter 31 – Polycom HDX
Chapter 32 – Hollywood Style Xp Hack
Chapter 33 – Hollywood Style Crash 7
Chapter 34 – Hollywood Style Server 2003 hack
Chapter 35 – Hollywood Style server 2008 Hack
Chapter 36 – Penetration Testing: What You Should Know
Chapter 37 – Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
Chapter 38 – The Essential Tools
Chapter 39 – Passive Information Gathering
Chapter 40 – Active Information Gathering
Chapter 41- Vulnerability Scanning
Chapter 42 – Buffer Overflows
Chapter 43 – Win32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Chapter 44 – Linux Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Chapter 45 – Working with Exploits
Chapter 46 – File Transfers
Chapter 47 – Privilege Escalatio
Chapter 48 – Client Side Attacks
Chapter 49 – Web Application Attacks
Chapter 50 – Password Attacks
Chapter 51 – Port Redirection and Tunneling
Chapter 52 – The Metasploit Framework
Chapter 53 – Bypassing Antivirus Software
Chapter 54 – Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation

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